I had the virtue generosity which I can relate to my self because I think i'm generous. This virtue is related to the Dakota culture by showing how they gave to others when they were in need and how they got back for the other tribes from them when they were in need. It demonstrates the Lakota culture when they are all about giving back and helping one another out. They had meat for there tribe and they were all starving so they were bring back the meat when 5 hunger animals came along 1 by 1 and they asked for food and they gave it. Later they had very little food left but the animals brought them food.

In section 11 of the book the Lakota way it is about generosity. Generosity is being giving and caring to others before your self. I read a story where they had to get food for there village and they went hunting to get it. So when they went into the forest to hunt for them they killed a deer then they were bring it home when they came a crossed a lot of animals that wanted meat nobody wanted to give it away but then he did and in the end the animals gave back in return.

Virtue: Generosity

Quote: "Generosity is a good thing to have for we are all travelers together on this earth."page 189