Climate Changes is a extremely debated topic. Some people believe that we should do this, some people argue we do that, and some people say we should not do anything! So, who really knows whats right and wrong? Some people would turn to science, but that can't be the case here. Even scientists are arguing this topic. Everyone has different evidence saying different things. So, at this point its up to you to decide what side to take, and here are some different views.

Things we can control Edit

Some people believe that doing things like using cleaner power plants, solar energy, in energy (etc) is all it would take to help end Climate Change. Things like controlling methane leaks, fixing pipes and tanks and such would help. Methane is more potent than co2 so it causes a larger issue when its high.

Things we can do Edit

There are also a lot of things we could start doing more, to control climate change .Like green farming, farming energy crops for bio-fuel. Even though its relatively unrealistic, couples could have just one child, because less people would mean less gas emissions.

There is also things we can do individually. Unplug, electronics use energy even when they are not on. You can also fix the issue with power strips. Get a electricity monitor; tell what uses the most energy in your home, and figure out how to eliminate or lower the usage. Use LED light bulbs! They use 15% of the regular energy.

You can also wash your cloths in cold water. It uses 5 times less energy! You can also make your house air tight, so that all your heating and air conditioning doesn't escape. There is so much more you can do too! Like a programmable thermostat, a fuel efficient or green car, and even eating less meat! All sorts of easy changes can help the environment so much!

Other things we can do is create more jobs in clean energy. That will not only provide energy without harming our planet, it will also create more jobs, helping our economy.

Not believing Edit

Many farmers believe that climate change is just another shift in weather. Like the changing temperature, the wind, the rain fall. To them its all just normal weather issues, that they are used to. Farmers can only rely on bad weather. The only bad part is according to many scientists they are one of the  main factors to climate change. So having them not believe causes somewhat of an issue.