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The science of climate change is surprisingly a very debated subject. We are used to being able to rely on science, and believe what we can prove. But in climate change, we can come up with proof from both sides, the side that believes ad the side that does not.

Science Edit

According to NASA Climate Change is real. For a very long time we have seen Climate Changes, longer that we want to admit. And we know from climate models that show the past 150 years, that climate change was natural up until the 1950s. Natural solar variability and volcanic aerosol “omitting observed increase in greenhouse gases” are the reasons for climate change.

Natural causes are still happening towards climate change, but they are not enough to be the causes for what is happening right now. Scientists have been recording natural and human events like gases, heat, water levels, rainfall etc. Natural things have occurred, like volcanic eruptions, with the gases and ash they can shadow the earth and drop the temperature, like El Chichon (1982) and Pinatubo (1991) did for 2-3 years. The sun also cycles over 11 years, emitting slight changes in energy.

There is so much natural stuff that happens, that could cover climate change, But according to many sources it is not enough to explain the level of our climate change.

From 1800 to 2012 the global temperature by about 2 degrees. That means by the end of the 21st  century it will have raised around 8 degrees, from .5-8.6 degrees.

But human things have been happening too. Like the fact that humans release 100x more carbon dioxide emissions than volcanoes every year.  And there is the fact that since 1950 humans have had the largest climate impact.

Science V.S People Edit

The funny part is, even though 97% of scientists believe that climate change is at least somewhat human cause, only 41% of the public does. Some refuse to take a side, and simply say, I don't know. Though many people still disagree, like farmers. Farmers have seen tons of bad weather, and they find it hard to see the difference between whats going on now, and normal bad/changing weather.