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In this Wiki we are going to be talking about the Lakota's Way's and what happened during those times. We will also be discussing climate changes, global warming and comparing/contrasting to the Lakota Way's.

Ideologies and Global Philosophies Edit

The different viewpoints of global warming.

Capitalism, Industry and Trade Edit

The people that want the change in the world and the people that don't.

Suggested Solutions Edit

Suggested solutions and opinions on climate change.

Economics and Financial Cost Edit

Science Edit

The science and beliefs behind climate change.

Health Edit

Politics and Media Edit

Lakota Culture Edit

The culture and history of the Lakota people.

Lakota Climate Edit

What the Lakota and the average person thinks about climate change.

Bravery Virtue Edit

Bravery in Lakota culture and history.

Fortitude Virtue Edit

Generosity Virtue Edit

Wisdom VirtueEdit

Latest activityEdit

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