Lakota Culture Edit

Lakota Culture defines who they are, just like every other culture. It makes us who we are, our history and culture. It is what has led us up to this point in life, everyone. History is everything in a nation, a union, a country or even a tribe. That's why the Lakota's culture and history is so important to who they are today.

Past Edit

The Lakota were spread across a large part of the northern Great Plains. They got the name Sioux from the French, nadouessioux, meaning snake. It was then shortened to Sioux. There was the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota. They were divided into 7 more groups, the 7 council fires, 4 for Dakota, 2 for Nakota and 1 for Lakota. The 7 council fires are; Tetonwan, Mdewakanton, Wahpekute, Sisitonwan, Wahpetonwan, Ihanktown, Ihanktowana.

Culture Edit

Legends are a large part of Lakota culture. Elders and grandparents telling grandchildren stories of the past. Weather or not they are true, does not matter. They all teach lessons. In each of those legends you can find virtues, usually many of them if you look close enough.

Other things really important in Lakota culture are rituals. Like a sweat lodge. You go into this sweat lodge, with a large group or a small group, and its filled with burning rocks. It gets very hot in there, and everyone prays.