Climate Change Edit

Earlier last summer of 2014 2 group leaders of a Lakota tribe came to talk to a lot of people about what this modern technology is doing to are planet. They are convincing people that what is we are doing to are planet is not right that we need to stop so they got some students who were willing to help and spread the world about helping cleaning up the planet and all the changes that need to happen to are community. So they keep spreading the word to other and they keep expanding on there group of people that spread the word.

Connections to Lakota Culture Edit

5% of Americans thought climate change was the most important issue in the US. There is a variety of different people that thought of what is the biggest global issue in the world. 25% of the world say that the earth is heating up and then 42% say that don't care what happens and they say that they will only care when it happens.There is a 26% that say there is no solid evidence that anything is even happens. The Indian reservation say that there needs to be a huge change to society and they say that most people will not help make the change.

What the Lakota Says Edit

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