There are a lot of different points of view on global warming. Some say it's man-made, happening right now and we have to do something about it right away. Others say the exact opposite; that it's just a natural cycle of the Earth and it's not happening that quickly so there's no need to worry. Then there are the people -normally scientists- who are more in the middle of the spectrum. They're the ones who normally say that global warming is in fact man-made and it is happening fairly quickly but that there is also a natural side to the problem. We're going to look at all of these viewpoints so that everyone's opinions can be represented equally but while still using the facts.

Economic ViewpointEdit

The popular economic viewpoint of global warming is that it's either not happening at all, or at the very least it's not man-made. People that think of global warming this way also think that it's something that we don't need to worry ourselves with because it will not affect us and it's a waste of money to continue fighting it. However, there are also a few scientists that have some facts and science to back up their statements of global warming being false. There are still many more scientists that say that global warming is happening than there are scientists that say global warming isn't happening though.

Supporter ViewpointEdit

Obviously, the supporter viewpoint of global warming is that it definitely is happening and is man-made. People with this opinion also more often than not believe that something needs to be done as soon as possible to stop it from going much further or there will be dire consequences. The scientists that strongly support the stopping of global warming say that if we continue down the path we've been following, then the polar ice caps could melt away which could lead to a new ice age. But before it gets to that point, there would be bigger and bigger storms, more hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, all sorts of natural disasters.