Economics Edit

Global warming has been affecting our planet for a long time not all of it is man made and there is some of it that is human made. With the polar ice caps melting and natural disasters happening that keep harming are environments. People have been volunteering to clean up all of the natural disasters. Some are paid to help clean up and help to stop global warming but it also cost money to hire them which they spend about 21$ billion dollars a year. So it is not cheap to hire volunteers and then to just pay for all of the damage or to prevent damage to other areas of the US.

How Science is having on a Impacted Edit

There is also a lot of scientific problems like acid rain which is becoming more of a problem in the Midwest. All of the damage for this will be $37 for all of the damage the rain. For the Glaciers melting they are still trying to come up with a solution and it is slowly coming. If the glaciers do melt there will be a lot of new jobs and a lot more work for the unemployed. Later there will be a lot of jobs due to new disasters and type of destruction clean up. There will also be a cost for the amount of waste that other country's produce and how they are not caring about what they do to the earth. So we came up with a bill that might come into effect which will monitor how much waste other country's put out and they will have to clean that up later in time.

Financial Cost of Global WarmingEdit

The cost of global warming is going to be hard to maintain seances the world is changing and the changes are happening so quickly and they are coming without warning. Scientist are trying to come up with stuff to make more natural energy and more energy effective and make it to were it will use less energy but it will give off twice what it does right now. The only problem is that it will cost a lot to install of the the other sources of power since we are used to using the one that we are using right now but it is hurting the earth. There will also be a huge price to be paid whether we install the new sources of power or not but if we don't the out come will be worse.