Capitalism Edit

Will capitalism survive climate change? With all of the climate change including green house gases and the heat of the earth increasing it will be hard to keep the planet maintained. Capitalism will slowly disappear as all the disasters of global warming and other forms of natural disasters happen. What they are trying to do is create green jobs which is like jobs that will help the environment and will not destroy the planet but it will make it better. They are still trying to make these jobs possible and they are partnering with the US climate change foundation to decrease the global warming and increase the earths natural habitats.

Industry Edit

The US senate is debating whether they will include a clean energy bill to the world. A similar bill was passed by the house of Representatives which would help out a lot of industries. The plan was supposed to transform the US industry's by make the big companies that deal with oil and cement makers. They wanted them to calculate the amount of greenhouse gases that are in the released from there product and see if they can reduce some of it so that more earth friendly.

Trade Edit

The US CAP and the Trade industry are two of the biggest emitters of CO2 which they will keep increasing the amount of CO2 in the earths atmosphere if they keep doing what they are doing. They soon came up with a plan to make a carbon trading system with Europe which will decrease the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. What some people are saying we have to do is start a trade with other European countries like Sweden and Norway. Later we hope to partner with them so they can help the cause to get rid of all the carbon in the air.